Tourist visas to be waived by the Japan government

The Japanese government plans to waive tourist visa requirements from some countries as part of an effort to curb COVID-19 spread, Fuji News Network reported. According to FNN, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida may make a decision as early as this week about easing travel restrictions to Japan without the need for travel agency bookings. In the years before the pandemic, 68 countries and regions did not require tourist visas from Japan.

Tourist visas to be waived by the Japan governmentThe Nikkei newspaper reported on Sunday that the government may scrap a daily cap on arrivals by October. Seiji Kihara, deputy chief cabinet secretary, said on Sunday that “a weak yen is most effective in attracting inbound tourism,” adding that more measures must be taken. In a move that has eased international border restrictions, Japan raised the daily limit for inbound travelers to 50,000 from 20,000 last week and eliminated the requirement for pre-departure COVID tests.