India debuts affordable gene therapy for cancer treatment

India’s President, Droupadi Murmu, inaugurated the nation’s inaugural indigenous gene therapy for cancer today (April 4, 2024) at IIT Bombay, marking a significant milestone in the fight against cancer. In her address, President Murmu hailed the launch as a groundbreaking advancement in combating cancer. The therapy, known as “CAR-T cell therapy,” stands out for its accessibility and affordability, offering a ray of hope to humanity. She expressed optimism in its potential to rejuvenate countless patients.

India debuts affordable gene therapy for cancer treatment

CAR-T cell therapy represents a remarkable stride in medical science, acknowledged President Murmu. While it has been accessible in developed countries for some time, its exorbitant cost has rendered it out of reach for most patients globally. She underscored the significance of the therapy’s affordability, highlighting it as the world’s most cost-effective CAR-T cell therapy. She also lauded it as a testament to India’s “Make in India” initiative and a prime example of “Atmanirbhar Bharat” (self-reliant India).

President Murmu commended the collaborative effort between the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, Tata Memorial Hospital, and industry partner ImmunoACT, which resulted in India’s inaugural CAR-T cell therapy. She hailed this as a commendable instance of academia-industry partnership, anticipating it to inspire similar endeavors.

Highlighting the global renown of IIT Mumbai as a pinnacle of technology education, President Murmur emphasized the transformative role of technology in serving humanity. She praised the collaboration between IIT Bombay and Tata Memorial Hospital, noting that it demonstrates the fruitful intersection of technology and medical expertise. President Murmu attributed this success to IIT Bombay’s steadfast commitment to research and development over the past three decades, foreseeing immense benefits for India from its technological prowess and partnerships.

In summary, the unveiling of India’s inaugural indigenous gene therapy for cancer marks a momentous advancement in the country’s healthcare sphere. President Murmu’s commentary not only emphasizes the collaborative ethos propelling innovation but also illuminates the far-reaching potential for transformative change on a global level. This milestone not only signifies progress in medical science but also underscores India’s commitment to pioneering solutions that have the capacity to revolutionize healthcare worldwide.