From Startup to a Billion Dollar Sale in 7 Years

In 2009, Slovenian tech entrepreneurs Iza and Samo Login set out on a mission to create a startup with the intention of selling in 7 years, in order to dedicate their time and wealth to philanthropic pursuits. In exactly 7 years, the Logins sold their $250,000 startup, Outfit7, for $1 Billion to a Chinese investment group, catapulting them into the ranks of the wealthiest Europeans and making them the wealthiest individuals in Slovenia. Following the sale, they have been focusing their efforts on their Login5 Foundation and on making our planet a better place.

The Logins are the first married couple in the world to reach this level of accomplishment in business – creating a true “unicorn” in such a short time. This spring they are releasing a book called 7 Unicorn Drive on March 1, 2021 (Hardback: $25; E-book: $9.99), which explores how their unique approach to business and leadership paved the way to financial success.

7 Unicorn Drive shares Outfit7’s rise to unicorn status – how a scrappy startup of 8 people evolved into the inventors of the popular Talking Tom mobile app. From its creation to its status as a global hit, the app has been downloaded over 13 billion times and engages hundreds of millions active users daily.

Throughout the book, it’s crystal clear how the couple’s unconditional values and love were the backbone of the success of their company. Readers will learn about the Logins’ management philosophy, which includes using spirituality as a tool for leadership. But most importantly, it transforms from a classic business story about how to make a billion dollars to an immersive memoir about why to pursue the billion in the first place.

Influenced by the Giving Pledge, Iza and Samo Login established the Login5 Foundation in 2013. The Foundation is focused on philanthropic projects, from sustainable organic large-scale farming to brain neural research centers for tastier plant-based food, all in an effort to battle climate change. For more information visit their website.